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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Gift From a Dear Friend from Australia

An unexpected gift from a friend living in down under....
Thank you so much Kai...
Cheers Kai

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  1. Chua,

    I see some minor damage on the postcard (bottom right corner). Should have used a larger cardboard for protection.

    Some brief descriptions of this postcard.

    -This postcard is at least few years old.

    -The background is the city center. This city is also known as the Sport Capital of Australia.

    -The large stadium on the right is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). This is also the stadium where it staged the 1956 Olympic Games.

    -Across the railway tracks is Melbourne Park (white buildings), and this is where they have the Australia Tennis Open (Grand Slam), usually during the 3rd and 4th weeks of January.

    -Next to it is also another stadium, and this has now been full renovated. This stadium will be used mainly for football (soccer).

    -The river on the left is the Yarra River.

    This conclude your 20 seconds tour of this beautiful city. Well, every city is a beautiful city LOL!