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Sunday, 25 October 2009

United Kingdom Series-Northern Ireland Part VI

Titanic Memorial in memories of those victims who lost their lives


United Kingdom Series- Northern Ireland Part V

Titanic was actually constructed in Belfast

Mount Stewart, where the Northern Irish Parlimen is located


Queens University of Belfast...i have a few ex-students studying/studied here...


United Kingdom Series - Northern Ireland Part IV

Marble Arc...Too bad i didnt get the chance to go all the way down, bad weather and was raining heavily

Glenshane Pass

Glens of Antrim

I have given this to a friend in Taiwan as encouragement for her to stay strong

Giant Causeway

United Kingdom Series- Northern Ireland Part III


Enniskillen Castle

Dunluce Castle


Devenish Island

United Kingdom Series - Northern Ireland Part II

LondonDerry or more known as Derry city

Coles Monument

Carrick-a-rede rope bridge...nice one

Boa Island

I was able to fulfil my late wife wish to travel to Northern Ireland in 2009. We were unable to travel there in 2004 due to time constraint. This time the journey meant a lot to me.

United Kingdoms Series- Northern Ireland Part I

A well cartoonised Northern Ireland map

Belfast City Hall

Belfast Castle

This series or Northern Ireland postcards were purchase while i was on a one week trip to Northern Ireland in april 2009.

Animals World Postcards-Part IV




Animals World Postcards-Part III



Red wolf

Animals World Postcards- Part II


Cute Panda

Orang Utan

Animals World postcards-Part One

Mountain gorillas



I got these postcards from my late wife. Both of us love and adore animals. Sorry these postcards are not for exchange/sale as they are from my late wife.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Welcome to my postcards from all over the world

Hello all guys and gals....

Welcome to my blog where i share with you all my collections of postcards from all over the world... I might not be able to go to different countries around the world. So i collect and exchange postcards from all over the world....

So travel with me as i travel around the world....An alternative way to travel without being there personally...

Thank you